Behind the Scenes: The Sales Manager

So what does the sales manager do?

The sales manager of an auto dealership is typically an experienced salesman from the industry.   The sales manager puts the correct value on trades, sends out the correct financing terms for vehicles and makes sure the sales price of the vehicle reflects the online advertised price.    

How does Hutcheson Ford construct a used car deal?

So car sales in the 21st century have changed dramatically because of the internet.  We now not only serves St. James, Cuba, Rolla and our and surrounding areas but we also ship vehicles all over the country as well as to countries overseas like Kuwait and Germany.  So in order to be competitive in a global market, we have to price our vehicles to compete.  We have many digital tools that we use to analyze the data of the car market and we use these to determine the fair market value for the vehicles we sell.

All of our used car deals are constructed through a four square worksheet. This worksheet presents everything you need to construct a good used car deal in an easily readable, easily adjustable format.  It list the sale price of the vehicle,  the value of the trade, the customers payoff amount for the vehicle, the down payment the customer will make and the monthly payment the customer can expect.  

How do you value my trade

To value a customer’s trade in, we take many things into consideration.  We have tools that will tell us how many like vehicles there are for sale in the area. We look at our average shop bill (an expense we incur to get the vehicle road ready) for that particular vehicle.  And finally we look at the profit margin that we would like to make when we sell the trade in.  We use all this information to value your trade in.  

Do I have to put cash down to purchase a vehicle

We ask for cash down because it puts the customer in an equitable position when they go to trade in their vehicle at a later date . Life is full of surprises.  The vehicle you need today isn’t necessarily the vehicle you’ll need a year from now.  Cash down means that your monthly obligation will be less and you’ll be an equitable position to trade your vehicle in if the need arises. But cash down is not necessary.

How long does it take to put a deal together

The minimum time to put a used car deal together is about an hour and a half but that’s if you’ve done your research and you know which vehicle you want and you just want to go quickly through the sales process.  If you come into the dealership and you don’t know what kind of vehicle you want it could take 3 or 4 hours to do the research, to test drive several vehicles, to get the vehicle cleaned and ready for delivery and to go through the whole sales process.  Your best bet is to make an appointment with one of our salesman.   An appointment will ensure you get the attention you need.

If you have any questions for our sales manager, Ryan Shockley, you can reach him at 573 265 7015 or at