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Electric Vehicle FAQ

At Hutcheson Ford, we’re proud to be one of the only Electric Vehicle (EV)-Certified Dealerships in Central Missouri! We handle the sales and service of the Ford Fusion Hybrid, Ford Fusion Energi (Plug-In Hybrid), C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi (Plug-In Hybrid), and Focus Electric for the Rolla, St. James, Cuba, Washington, Sullivan, St. Louis, Washington, Fort Leonard Wood, Lebanon, and Jefferson City communities.

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Hutcheson Ford’s Electric Vehicle FAQ

With a plug-in hybrid, you can expect to pay 50% the average cost of fuel for every 100 miles. With a Focus Electric, your savings are closer to 70%. See the illustration below for more information!

You want to…

  • Save money on fuel costs during urban and highway driving
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Have a vehicle which fits your family comfortably

Perfect Electric Vehicle? Hybrid
You want to…

  • Offset your fuel usage with electricity by plug-in
  • Take advantage of the 21-mile pure electric driving range for your daily commute
  • Have the freedom to take longer trips if charging stations are scarce

Perfect Electric Vehicle? Plug-In Hybrid
You want to…

  • Use your vehicle for primarily urban driving and daily commutes that fall within a 76-mile driving range
  • Completely let go of oil changes and high maintenance costs
  • Completely let go of oil changes and high maintenance costs
  • Generate zero carbon dioxide emissions
  • Have an electric vehicle that fits five passengers comfortably

Perfect Electric Vehicle? All-Electric

  1. Plug-In Hybrids: The Ford C-MAX and Fusion Energi use hybrid technology in addition to an electric plug-in to maximize the battery’s capability. These hybrids charge from standard 120-volt or available 240-volt outlets in just a few hours.
  2. All-Electric: The Ford Focus Electric is 100% electric which means no gasoline engine, zero carbon dioxide emissions, fewer maintenance costs, and a tiny carbon footprint.
  3. Hybrids: The Ford C-MAX and Fusion Hybrid are powered by a gas engine and battery-driven electric motor simultaneously. Energy from braking is recaptured to recharge the battery as you drive.

  • Ford C-MAX and Fusion Energi: 21 Miles on Electric Mode/100 MPGe* (Pure Electric Mode)
  • Ford Focus Electric: 76 Miles on Electric Mode/105 MPGe* (Pure Electric Mode)
  • Ford C-MAX Hybrid: 45 City/40 Highway
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid: 47 City/47 Highway

No! You can charge your Electric or Plug-In Hybrid vehicle anywhere that there is a traditional 120-volt power outlet. However, Ford does suggest having a 240-Volt charging station installed in your home for faster, and less expensive, charging times. These charging stations may be installed in your home by Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

In addition to available 240-Volt outlets installed in your home by Best Buy’s Geek Squad, there are public charging stations in Phelps County and all major Missouri Cities. For a list, click here.

Ford has developed several new, environmentally-friendly materials to be used in the production of their vehicles. For example, over 31,250 soybeans are used in the cloth seats, 2 average sized pairs of American Blue Jeans provide dampening material, and 38.9 plastic bottles is recycled into Repreve (c) fibers for flooring panels.

Yes! The MyFord Mobile App helps you make the most of your new electrified lifestyle! Plan charging times, find the closest charging stations, compete against other EV owners for the best mileage, and see the cheapest times of day to plug in your vehicle!
*MPGe= Miles Per Gallon Equivalent in Electric Power